Saturday, June 13

kickin' it in gear!

For a while now, my husband and I have been working on creating a stamping space for me in the basement. Finally, putting on the finishing coats of paint...( the color is 'Honeydew', a fresh, bright green) Personally I think he just wants the kitchen and dining room tables back!

So once my space is done, I will have plenty of room to see all my STUFF and to work on layouts and class projects. Because of the comfort level, I'll probably still have clubs and classes upstairs, but my family will not have to deal with all my bits and pieces laying about for a week beforehand, and a week after! lol

Come back often, as I will be adding class listings and posting samples, very soon!

Tomorrow I am off to a lacrosse tournament with my daughter, her teams games start at 4 pm and finish at 8 pm. And it is an hour away.....It will be a long day, but I do love to watch, it is so fast paced.


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  1. I'm excited for the stamping space to be finished! I can't wait to see it AND all of your goodies organized and out!