Sunday, July 12

Back from vacation!

I am back from vacation....sort of....I am home, but not quite 'back' if you know what I mean. Staying in a cabin in a remote part of Maine for a week really brings the relaxation level up a notch. Takes a few days to get back in the groove...

At least tonight I have access to the internet, good lighting, a shower, cable TV. I showered for about 40 minutes this afternoon. YUP - lathered, rinsed, repeated. Three loads of laundry later, I have almost finished unpacking. Various items to be returned to their rightful owners, who came for day trips throughout the week.

Was great to finally get to see and feel the sun. We have had a serious lack of the yellow shiny stuff since May here in NH.

I am off to bed, will try to be back with some Stampin' news tomorrow -


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